paid survey at home review: Is it legit or scam?

Wandering weather paid surveys at home is legit? Well, in this I am going to talk about Paid surveys at home and you should not joint.
Why you should not joint paid surveys at home?
1: It’s not safe to join
Paid surveys at home is not the market research company. Market research companies help merchants (other companies) by providing them information about the customers. Hence, paid surveys at home hosts the other survey sites. You can say it earn from other companies referral program. Because of this, it’s not safe to join the it. I don’t recommended doing anything that can harm you or your family. Your information is vital.

2: Never pay survey site to join
It’s general rule of thumb to never pay a survey site to joint and almost everyone is aware of it. Paid survey at home do require the payment after you give them your email address.
3: It claim that you can earn huge amount of money.
Trusted and good survey sites don’t claim that you can earn hundreds of dollars in on week. They are many people who posted review on different sites and it’s clear that this is sign of scam.
4: It takes too much time to earn money
It has been clear now that survey sites are not the best way to earn money and one of the reasons behind this is time it takes to earn money. Most surveys last for around 25 and most of them are of $1 or under that. So, it can take more than 10 hours to earn $40 or $50.
5: Screen out problem
I told you that you can earn around $40 by spending more than 10 hours. Well, I did not include the this factor. Most of the time after users spends 10 to 15 minutes taking survey they get screen out. Message reads something like this:
Thank you showing interest in the survey but your not eligible for the survey.
6: Payment delay
Let’s you make some money on paid survey at home after spending hours at it. Chances are your going to face payment delay issue. So, it can take from few days to week to receive the money. You never get money.
Why join paid survey at home when there is better option?
Last but certainly not the least, you should not join it because there is better way: Affiliate marketing. It’s not get rich in on click thing. You have to put time and effort. But you get this right, you can earn huge amount of money online.
Thanks a lot guys for watching the video. I have provided link to my site where you can learn more about this.


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